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We proudly offer the best and most advanced of editing rooms in israel.
Our editing rooms are availablefor rent for independent projects or as part of a whole service deal which includes production in our studios or as a part of post production which is also available.
While working on a feature film, promotional film, video clip or commercial we offer you a verity of editing and sound rooms and a whole staff of professionals there for your needs at any time to help you create the best outcome for your client.
Our experienced editors are of the best in the industry in Israel.
Talented editing artists who know how to utilize the system and technologies the very best possible way.
We have spacious Avid room, After Effects rooms, Flame and sound rooms there for your uses and for any need.
Here in Broadcast, we created a unique working method in order to manage our projects in the very best way there is.
It allows us fast and easy access to our archive from any room and to any project.
All our rooms and departments are connected to one main system and a central server.
This archive includes all our work and projects created in the last decade.
For the purpose of projects management in enabling, fast and immediate way in to our Archive, that allows every room and every project the access.
All rooms and departments connected to the system and the central server.

Sound Room

Broadcast’s sound rooms have four sound studios to edit and mix audio tracks.
All rooms are equipped with software Pro Tools technology.
Also we have a large music and effects library that accessible to all the rooms.
There are three chambers to Crane, foleys and post-Sink.

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Broadcast provides 14 2D rooms connected to central storage system-optical fibers, in those rooms you can preform visual effects and Online editing.

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Symphony Nitris

Broadcast has an on line Symphony Nitris DX Avid room for editing TV shows and TV movies.
The room is the fastest of its kind in the preparation of On-line and also includes extremely fast large storage option.

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There are nine Avid MC modern rooms in broadcast, all in HD.
All the rooms are connected to a servers that allows transfer media between the rooms quickly, qualitatively
and allows sharing files between all rooms.
All rooms are updated with the latest versions of Avid.

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Our 3D department creates sets with digital objects in volume.
Manufacture and match lighting. Making animated characters and
camera movements, make a combination for all the elements together,
in advertisements and other media.
3D department works with the next softwares:
Houdini Realflow
Traking programs

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The Flame sofware has an effects systems for creating special effects, at the highest degree.
Software that allows to create complex visuall effects .
In addition, the software allows to mixing animation videos in any resolution.

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