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Broadcast media is the leading television studios company in israel, Broadcast is a post and production company combined. 
We provide a unique solution to every production and post production need 
both film productions and television productions, starting from renting cameras, lighting and sound equipment needed for your production,
 studios for filming commercials, tv shows online and pre shot, and also post production services in both our branches that allow you to utilize 
our services to your every need including renting editing and sound rooms.
With over 20 years in the industry, Our company, which was founded in 1990 has earned herself a status of a company who is known for Excellence, 
reliability and Innovation. We specialize and two main areas: renting television studios, 
equipment, lighting and grip and editing commercials, television, drama and feature films. 
Our Creative team is of the most innovative and talented people in the industry who work with the most advanced technology 
allowing a collaboration of strong innovative technology with strong creativity.
Our studios and offices are located in the center of israel in three different branches, 
in every branch working with the leading and most advanced equipment there is in the television and film industry in every step of the process both in production and post production.
We have a wide range of renting equipment of the most advanced and updated in the industry. 
In addition, we provide advanced solutions for backing up storage from any type of camera in the industry.
Our branch in Hulon provides studios, camera, lighting and sound equipment for rent and of course our staff of expertise 
ready to help you in any need and in any hour of the day.
In addition we have our two  other branches located in Tel aviv, north Tel aviv and south Tel aviv which specialize in post production.
Our wide range of expertise allow  us to accompany you and your needs through the whole process from the very beginning 
and until we achieve the perfect and wanted outcome allowing much flexibility, efficiency and Maneuverability which are so necessary in this dynamic industry.