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Broadcast studios complex located in the industrial area of Holon include three major studios. camera equipment warehouse and lighting and grip equipment warehouse. Broadcast engaged in professional photography equipment rental for more than 20 years and possesses the most advanced photographic equipment in the world.

the camera Warehouse include equipment such as cameras, camera contains Ari Alexa + Sony F55 Sony F3 Sony F5 Canon C300 Sony PMW 500 Sony PMW 350 , GOPRO Cameras DSLR Cameras And many other cameras types. In addition to camera equipment rental we hold a huge range of lenses of the best manufacturers in the world. Prime lenses such as Ari Zeiss Master Prime and High Speed ​​. Ari Elora zoom lenses of different sizes and Ang'nio lenses.

We have a wide range of accessories such as Matt boxes , Polo Focus Ari wireless transmitter, wireless HD video , sound recording equipment , wireless sound systems 
and heavy tripods. Equipment rental department also includes various types of lighting lamps and photographic studio shooting exterior lights effects, smoke machines of different types, camp equipment , generators, portable generators and silenced trucks.

in our warehouse there is a rich variety of professional accessories for any requirement such as HD Control with Advanced Server type GEEVS from EDITSHARE company that allows a convenient method for recording and transferring files to the Post-production house.
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Broadcast media are television studios , a production company and a leading Post-production house in Israel, combined under one roof . The company, established in 1990 and from the first day provides the highest requirements of best producers and directors in the country.
The company provides creative solutions for TV commercials, dramas and movies. Broadcast is proud to operates and rent the world's most advanced equipment , in a very hige maintenance level.
Broadcast Provides its customers with a unique solution that meets all the needs of production and post production studios from renting camera equipment, lighting and sound, through creative services and Post Production provided in both our Centers.
Broadcast 's creative team consists of the best creative people in Israel and enjoy the best of advanced technologies and thus made ​​possible an extraordinary meeting between the high technical skills of creative thinking at the highest level .
Broadcast continues to be updated and expand its capabilities in the technologi and creative feild along the way. In addition, the Company created a shared workspace that includes a central storage area and managed the projects and the supply of backup and archiving services of raw materials and various projects using advanced backup systems. In addition, Broadcast Israel provides raw recording services, 4K resolution and super 35mm sensor recording services.